Full Screen Mario



Full Screen Mario is a fully HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers. You can play the original levels or through millions of possible random maps, or create maps using the level editor. I’d love to give credit to the creator behind it but can’t find any info on the site.

Note that for the moment it only works with Google Chrome

super-mario-levels super-mario-editor

The Unforgettable Moments of Bioshock Infinite

Over the last week I’ve been completely engrossed in the masterpiece in gaming that is Bioshock Infinite. I’m the last person who can write a long review of a game on the web. If Adam Sessler‘s doesn’t convince you to get this game then nothing will.

The reason for my post is just to share this touching moment in the game that totally blew me away. In a quiet in between action moment  you find a guitar  and if you pick it up Booker starts playing while  Elizabeth sings a haunting song called “Will the Circle be Undone” to comfort a nearby child who is hiding in fear.

I’ve been raving about Bioshock Infinite ever since I picked it up, gameplay is super engaging, the acting, story and level design are mind blowing. Even though the FPS game is chock full of thrills and action its the quite moments like this one that have convinced me that we’ve hit a new level of character development and video game storytelling. It solidify the genius and overall talent of the team behind this gaming masterpiece.

History of Nintendo Video Game Consoles

Although the video is entitled “Nintendo History” I think its important to mention that Nintendo’s business hasn’t always been about video games. They started out as a playing card company as well as toys before moving to electronics and video games.

Anyways, my comments don’t take away from this brilliantly animated video by YouTuber retrogameaddict1 which shows the evolution of Nintendo’s game consoles.

My Nintendo history goes like this NES-SNES-N64-GameBoy Color-GameCube. Although I’m still a big Zelda and Mario fan, the appeal wasn’t enough for me after the GameCube. I think the Wii was a brilliant move but I feel that the Wii-U won’t mirror the Wii’s success.

Scanned – Halo 4 Launch Trailer

I’m pretty psyched to play this game.

You know things are getting serious when the likes of David Fincher produces a video game trailer.

Rockstar Games Advertising Council

I must have been living under a rock when this was unveiled.

Rockstar Games has set up a page (which was just updated) for The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas which hosts all the radio commercials that were in the games.

When players acquire (aka steal) a car in GTA games the first thing heard is the radio with its real music as well as hilariously written fake ads inspired by the ones we’re all used to hearing on commercial radio stations.

I think its amazing that Rockstar Games did this. I have very fond memories of playing the PS2 era GTA games and having laugh out loud moments and just concentrating on listening to the radio commercials instead of actually playing the game.

It was in my opinion one of the best features from the GTA series that made it unforgettable.

Rockstar Advertising Council

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