Live taping of The Secret Life of Canada

Some photos from the final show from Toronto’s 2018 hotdocs Podcast Festival. A live recording of The Secret Life if Canada podcast.

Jokes are Real – Fire in the Hole Podcast – Episode 14

fire in the hole podcast

My friends Jason Ambrus and Richard Lajoie started Fire in the Hole podcast just a little over 3 months ago. FitH didn’t start with a specific mission, at first, Jason and Richard made it up as they went but after a few episodes, an underlying theme of real stories has become a recurring subject. They often have guests that give insight and help debunk subjects that warped by pop culture. The conversations are always entertaining and fun, just like good friends have over beers that you want to be in on and give your two cents.

I was fortunate enough to participate in one where we had a chance to catch up,  discuss our passion for classic Transformers, 80s cartoons and my personal battle with childhood kleptomania. You can listen to it here.

Fire in the Hole on PodbeaniTunes

Snowshoe Adventure Vlog

Over the last 3 years my career has been all about online video, mostly working on YouTube, focussing on the technical side building, maintaining and managing YouTube channels as well as advising creators on creating content. I’ve become quite good at doing what I do without actually making any video content myself.

I’ve felt the need to start doing video content creation over the last little while, so I started to dip my toes into producing content. Learning about editing and creating engaging content as I go. For the time being I’ll be bootstrapping using the tools I have like a 3 year old MacBook Pro with iMovie, a GoPro Hero3, Canon ELPH and my iPhone. 

This is just a little vlog video I made during my attempt at snowshoeing over the holidyas. We spent Christmas with Tara’s family in Alberta, specifically in the farmland of Sundre, Alberta. On Christmas Eve some of the clan decided to go back country skiing but there wasn’t enough skis for all of us meaning I ended up snowshoeing. Since I had never used snowshoes before it was a surprise how hard it was. 

This is only the second vlog I’ve produced but after just two tries its become clear that getting the right shots for the story is hard. Creating good, engaging content as well as a story that makes sense is tough, it doesn’t help that I’m self-conscious when I’m on camera. I do feel that the second vlog is better than my first video where I missed capturing a real ending, this time I could have done better in the start of the video.

The Most Visited Wikipedia Pages in 2012


Here’s a compilation of the Wikipedia pages that gathered the most views 2012 by language. 

Quite depressing actually… One Direction? Seriously?

The story of how Comodo in NYC got started

I absolutely love the story behind Comodo in NYC.

Tamy and Felipe started an ambitious project which was to host a dinner party every night week for a year in their NYC apartment and blogging about the experience.

At first they invited only their friends & family but obviously ran our of guests to invite so they opened up to make dinner for strangers and fans that were following the project on their blog and on social media.

Unfortunately the NYC Department of Health took notice and shut them down which seemed like the end of that but Tamy and Felipe really wanted to keep going and just decided to open a restaurant in SOHO.

They put their project on Kickstarter and got successfully funded in its first week.

I’ve added it to my Foursquare list of places I must check out next time I’m in NYC.