My new podcast: The Video Insiders Podcast – Discussing the Behind the Scenes of YouTube

I’ve been a podcast addict for more than 10 years and I’m now starting a second podcast with my good friend Tom Martin about the business of YouTube, the behind the scenes around managing channels and massive libraries.

Please download it today, give it a listen and hopefully subscribe! If you do leave a review so you can help make a difference and help it grow.

You can find it on all the podcasting platforms.

A big thanks to Tara for her love and support and my podcast co-host in crime Tom Martin as well as Phil Starkovich TubeBuddy for showing faith in us by being a sponsor before ever hearing a word of the show. Finally a big thanks to Joe Pacheco for his pro work in editing the show!

This isn’t allowed ..

… in Canada.

Trader Joe’s salsa is our jam

This is a shipment of Trader Joe’s heading our way and isn’t authorized for sale Canada. I would like to thank my dealer for hooking us up. 😜

Live taping of The Secret Life of Canada

Some photos from the final show from Toronto’s 2018 hotdocs Podcast Festival. A live recording of The Secret Life if Canada podcast.

A Podcast of my Own


Looking back at this blog I’ve come to realize I’ve participated in a lot more podcasts than I thought.

I’m a big fan of the medium, and it’s been part of my daily media consumption for years. I personally prefer it to radio for news, keeping up to date on the industries and hobbies of interested and I always wanted to have my own.

This summer Tara and I finally started one, and I quickly saw that podcasting is a lot harder than it seems, sure talking is easy. Figuring out what to talk about, making it interesting, sound right and saying things clearly all while making sure to release it regularly is something that is easy to take for granted as a consumer.

Tara and I both advocate for our brand publishing clients to create content, so it makes sense for us to eat our own dog food. It’s a big reason Tara is committed to her YouTube series Truly Social which just surpassed 100 episodes!

Our podcast is called Truly Social Podcast, we try to release a new episode every two weeks. In it, we discuss all things that affect our lives as content and online audience strategist.

Our latest episode released this week is called ‘Why Branded Content Fails’ and addresses branded content and why a lot of it misses the point.

It’s available on all popular podcatchers by searching Truly Social Podcast but you can also find all episodes on our site.

We’re just getting started, as with any creator I see all the mistakes I’m making with each episode, but I’m committed to keeping it going, learn and get better at this.


Talking Career, Content and Podcasts on Point of No Return

I was invited to chat on the Point of No Return podcast with by my old friend Nectarios Economakis. Nectar and I go way back from our days working in media agencies in Montreal.

Nectar invites established entrepreneurs and leaders to his podcast so I’m very humbled to have had the chance to be on it as well.

We had the chance to catch up and talk about how my career has changed, what I did after leaving the ad biz and my new life as a partner at Truly Social and among other things my love for podcasts.

Great catch up and thanks again Nectar!